Here's a collection of photography from A Different Drum's Synthpop Festival in Salt Lake City, Labor Day, Sept 3-4 2004.
Our photographer, Bryan Grant shot most of the bands pics on Saturday afternoon and evening. The candids were taken by the band.
All photography can be shared with anyone who would like to download copies. We'll post more pics as they are downloaded from cameras.

A special thanks to Todd Durrant who invited us to play at this festival.


Subimage, Jupiter

Eurovision, Todd Durrant, Tristraum

Krystyna Eller, Randall Erkelens, Pierre Norman, Tristraum

Glow, Provision

Breye of Provision

Addy, Bryan, Aspen - Beth at Tristraum table, Krystyna

Pierre and Ranadll, Addy, Randall, Somewhere in Utah

Steven (Royal Visionaries), Brian Hazard, Randall, Joey (Echoing Green), Breye (Provision) - Leiahdorus on stage

Joe Ramey (Eurovision) and Randall, Brian and Brooke (Glow) Randall and Kirk (The Dignity of Labour), Dave & Krystyna, Randall and Steven (RV)

Randall and Slothdog (and sacked-out daughter), Random shot, Brian Hazard and Pierre

Slothdog, Kirk with Nate (B! Machine), Tristraum Gals (Beth, Addy and Aspen)

Randall and William (sporting the OLD EC logo)...


Thanks for looking. If you want a festival Tristraum shirt, email Randall. They're $10. Black, Light Grey and Dark Grey.. L, XL and XXL