Sideline Magazine (Belgium)- Tristraum Shiver MCD

After a first single "Brilliant" which was released on Intrapop, we now get “Shiver” (with vocalist Krystyna Eller), an EP holding 10 remixes of the title track plus two other tracks. Modern electronica meets 80s synthpop, that’s exactly what Tristraum is about. At first I had the impression listening to a reunited Communards, because Krystyna’s voice has quite a distinctive vocal colour, but more obviously because it’s close to that of Sommerville’s . While the original version is already very appealing, the remixes give it even more flavour resulting in one of the most exciting CD singles I have heard for quite some time. The remixers have obviously been chosen to offer a very diverse collection of approaches resulting in a whole that doesn’t bore you for one single second. The remix by Assemblage 23 for instance is a guaranteed floor-filler, but the best is yet to come with Echo Image who from their part offer a mix that could well have been one by Chicane or Seize, both known for bringing some really uplifting beats and layers into a song. The result from Echo Image is nothing less but pure delicious europopdance that would do well on club-playlists if it manages getting on there. The same goes for Infam who offers a mix that holds enough club hooks to catch a mainstream public. Hard beats are delivered by Amun-Ra, in fact their approach reminds me of those good old dance fests at Café D’Anvers before it got infested by crap… again material that will do well in clubs. Empire State Human offer in good tradition a more electropop version that has shown me once again what they are capable of, a band whose remix work is improving each time. The Equatronic mix could not convince me that much for being a bit too electropoplike to my taste, this track deserves a more dance orientated approach which is clearly present again in the Lime n’ Dale remix that closes the remix chapter. On the version we got there were no extra tracks, so I have no idea how they sound like, but if they are anything remote to what I heard on this MCD than it’s a must have for sure! Recommended for sure, if not satisfied, I’ll personally refund you! Contact for more info.

Regen Magazine - New Tristraum Single Out

The storming new Tristraum 10-track CD single is out now. The MCD is available from A Different Drum and Metropolis (USA) and Intrapop (Germany/Europe). "Shiver" contains three songs ("Shiver," "Brilliant" and "I'm Under No One") and nine remixes by Assemblage 23, Empire State Human, SaxxonPike, Echo Image, Equatronic, Amun-ra, Infam and others. "Shiver" features strong female vocals (sometimes reminiscent of Annie Lenox) and rich electronic textures that are perfect for the dance floor. "Shiver" comes after a string of remixes from Tristraum for acts such as T.O.Y., Fiction 8, Underworld, Echo Image, Assemblage 23, Color Theory and Project X. They have scored TV tracks for Apple Computer, Coors Brewing Company and AT&T. Perfect single, great buy.

Brian Hazard - Color Theory (USA)

Tristraum set the bar high with this compelling first release, scoring remixes from giants such as Assemblage 23 and Echo Image. My personal favorites are the original version of "Shiver", and the Echo Image and Empire State Human remixes. Yes, there are a lot of remixes here, but they are quite diverse in style. The addition of two b-sides makes the maxi-single not only a tempting buy, but a bargain. Definitely worth picking up!

Bernard Van Isacker - Side-Line - A band to follow + one to avoid :)

Trisraum ( a US act that is about to see their "Shiver" single released, well, if I have to play at a party again, i'm pretty sure I'll pick one or two or three or four or even five of the 10 mixes on there to spin. It's really a marvelous release with amongst other a damn good one by Echo Image, to purchase for sure. It's out on Intrapop, dunno who distributes it but check their website to find out. Good stuff, also Tom Shear did a remix which is quite good to use in electroclubs, but I prefer the dance versions... what a relief after having killed my ears on listening to that crap from Janus, HORRIBLE, I still don't get what people see in such a band...

Maurizio Pustianaz - Chain DLK Magazine (Italy)

Tristraum is a band formed by two guys (Randall Erkelens and Pierre Norman) deeply involved into the nightclub scene and really active into the remixing activity and by Krystina Eller on vocals. The CD I received is their first effort and present three original tracks ("Shiver", the instrumental "Brilliant" and the melancholic "I'm Under No One") plus nine remixes of the main track. The sound of the band find its roots into the alternative / synthpop / industrial music. The tracks are danceable, bleepy with dreamy almost whispered female vocal parts (the ones I don't appreciate as they tend to make the songs sound all the same). The remixes reflect the characteristics of the remixers and for this reason we can find e.b.m. versions of the track thanks to Assemblage 23 and Lime'n Dale, modern synthpop versions remixed by Echo Image, Empire State Human and Equatronic, almost tehcno tunes produced by Infam, Invisible Asps, Saxxonpike. I think this release could be appreciated by remixers addicted who also love female goth vocals and industrial pop tunes.

GunHed - Wetworks Magazine

"Shiver" is the new single from Tristraum, a new project on the Intrapop label. The band consist of members Randall Erkelens, Pierre Norman and Krystyna Eller. Tristraum's roots began in remixing. Beginning with the San Francisco-based Twitch Remix Service in the early 90s, through the past two years, the duo's production resume has included remixes for names like Future Sound Of London, The Prodigy, The Orb, Front 242, Meat Beat Manifesto and more.
Musically, "Shiver," is your run-of-the-mill Synthpop single. Atmospheric synthwaves dance around with tight thumping beats and soft female vocals. The single is quite loaded, too. "Shiver" contains 12 tracks in all with remixes from Assemblage 23, Echo Image, Empire State Human, Equatronic and Infam just to name a few. To be honest, the remixes of "Shiver" didn't do too much for me, but there are some highlights. Echo Image do a nice job of giving the track a Trance makeover while adding a nice vocoder effect. Infam's "Infamous Electro Dub" mix is fantastic, giving a sort of, bouncy, house flavor to the track.
"Shiver" is perfect for any dancefloor, but grows a bit tiresome if listened to at home. I'm interested to see what this project does with a full-length album.

Jason Baker - Synthpop.Net (USA)

This is the 2004 single for Tristraum "Shiver". This is the bands's debut release, on Intrapop Records, but the band's roots come from the Twitch remix service. The most prominent remix of which, to me, was the Ultraviolet remixes of Anything Box's "Where Is Love And Happiness?".
This single finds the band in a very dance-friendly style, and with 10 different mixes of the song, you're sure to find a version you enjoy. There's the stomping, pounding futurepop-esque of Assemblage23's remix, Empire State Human, Equatronic and Echo Image all turn in impressively synthpoppy versions of the song, and Infam give a Drum & Bass feel to their remix. The Invisible Asps remix is a bit hard to describe.. It's almost like a chill-out version of the song. The Amun-Ra remix is very, very clubby, as is the Darkscape remix, but that mix gives a more trance/darkwave feel to the track. The Lime 'N Dale remix, however, is pure trance. Also included in the single is a b-side, "I'm Under No One", and a cover, "Brilliant", which is a cover of a Boytronic track.
The vocalist here is quite interesting. While she's one of the growing number of female vocalists in Electronic pop music, she has a much more... husky... voice than most of the other female vocalists in this scene. Sorry, but that was the best word I could come up with to describe it. Anyway, all the elements and varying styles that come into play over the course of this mega-single make it very very difficult to find a version of the song that won't appeal to someone. This is a single that you're sure to find something to love about.. plenty of variety. Recommended!

Anders Larsson - Moving Hands Music Magazine (Sweden)

This is the debut EP from San Francisco based artists of Tristraum. If you're a fan of remixes then you're gonna love this one! On it you'll find no more than nine (!) remixes of title song "Shiver". Some are good and some aren't and the best ones are the ones from Assemblage 23 and Echo Image. These artists make the music more alive because Tristraum's own version doesn't sound anything like the remixes, but that's also a something that's good. Tristraum on the other hand is very good at remixing other artists and they've got a nice selection of mixes for T.O.Y., Project-X and Anything Box to mention a few. I'm a little bit curious on the full album because I know their potential that they've got. I don't think this debut shows what they can do. The remixes from Assemblage 23 and Echo Image are amazing and just because of these two I strongly recommend this EP!

Azriel J. Knight - Comatose Rose Music Magazine (Canada)

Female fronted lectro-pop: Mixing harder-end synthpop, darwave and trance, this trio presents "Shiver,"
a maxi-signal release on Intrapop, and sold on A Different Drum. Basically what this twelve-track release offers is ten mixes of the title track and two bonus tracks. A couple notable remixes include the "Polar Remix" by Assemblage 23 and the "Whisper Remix" by Echo Image. Other than the obvious redundancy that comes with most singles and EP's, this is a solid release. The vocals could use a little tweaking, but that will come with time. I eagerly wait to see what they show us next.


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