Feb 1, 2005

Here are the results of the remix contest. The winner will appear on the forthcoming release "4x4" in March, 2005.
(Section 44 / Kiss My Asterix Records). This multi-artist EP will hold tracks from Tristraum, The Thought Criminals, eloquent & Empire State Human.


Once again, we called upon the people to enter remixes for our newest single “First Embrace.” We will attempt to release some of the finalist's remixes on future releases (ie. bonus tracks on our album, compilations, etc. )

Again we were overwhelmed with the response. We got several late entries too, we figured we’d count them all, because you can’t really count on the postal service for timely delivery of mail, except of course, bills.

I would like to thank all of those who entered for not only submitting excellent quality work but for building a community of up and coming artists. We are entering a new age where it’s possible to create audiophile-quality tracks from a home studio. We received several submissions that were 24bit 96Khz encoded tracks that sounded fantastic.

Again, we had a difficult time agreeing to a winner so we burned cds of the final 24 entries that were the most musical or commercially viable, listened to them for two weeks and narrowed the field to 6 finalists. We then employed a weighted rating system for each entry. With each one of us counting our top three entries. Krystyna, Randall and I sat down to decide the winner(s) on Sunday January 30th 2005.

We had entries from Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria, Russia and the US. We narrowed the list to six finalists and then picked them in order of preference. The styles ranged from breakbeat, darkwave, electroclash, vocal trance, progressive house ambient, triphop and synthpop. No deep house remixes, hrm.

The six finalists in no particular order were, drum roll please:

Expander Remix (Restor Bass & Dj Clever - Poland)
This entry is a very well-produced vocal trance remix. We all seemed to enjoy track’s flow and energy. I can imagine this working well in any dance club playing vocal trance. This remix won bonus points for creating a new lead melody which gives the track an “anthem” quality.

Amurai Remix (Manvel Ter-pogosyan - USA)
This is another very well produced vocal trance version. Again, we all thought it would work great on the dance floor. This has a great driving beat and starts out sounding like Binary Finary’s 1998. This remix also has a great break, with a slow build and great release. I’m sure we’ll see more of this guy.

Maize Factor (Martin Sobczak - Poland)
This remix entry wasn’t even submitted into the contest. We found it posted it in a tranceaddict forum. We all really like the moody nature of the track. It’s reminiscent of Enya with White Town. It has the addition of a new piano melody that’s just awesome! It then kicks into overdrive using much of the original arrangement. We liked the fact that it wasn’t trance. Great job!

Dax Wadley Remix (USA)
I was the only one who voted for this remix. And it was my top choice. I personally liked it because it had a new melody that’s really addictive. It also added a new piano lead that’s awesome. It’s also worth noting that I don’t typically like tracks that have a four on the floor beat. But this track some nice builds and releases. The remix is just powerful and sounds great in a club or in your car doing 120MPH! Not that I ever do that. Ahem.

Infinite Beat Remix (Mikael Andersson - Sweden)
This is another vocal trance remix. We all like the tight production and the addition of a new driving melody that sticks in your head for days and days. This is also the only remix that had a chord change in it. That’s not the reason it won though. It had a great breakdown reminiscent of ATB.

Trotski's Block Remix (Shane Terpening - USA)
This is the second time that Shane Terpening has submitted a remix for one of our contests. And boy what a year makes! Shane’s remix for our first single “Shiver” well, needed some help. He didn’t make the final cut. This new remix surprised us all! Great Job! This was the only remix out of over a hundred entries that was selected by all three of us as one of our top three favorites. This track has this driving VNV Nation sounding beat and just kicks ass. Shane also added a new somber melody that just invokes feelings of despair and dread. Love it!

The Voting matrix looked like this:

Infinite Beat
Maize Factor
Shane’s Mix
Dax Wadley

Our top picks:

  Pierre Krystyna Randall
Top Pick (3 pts.) Dax Infinite Infinite
2nd Pick (2 pts.) Shane Amurai Shane
3rd Pick (1 pt.) Maize Shane Maize

WINNER: Infinite Beat Remix (Mikael Andersson - Sweden)

When tallying the score, Infinite Beat remix came out on top with 6 points, Shanes’s Mix just missing with a score of 5 points. And finally, Dax Wadley with a strong third place finish with 3 points.

There may be some argument that this matrix may not be fair due to the fact that Shane’s mix was the only entry selected in each of our top three. We have been discussing again the possibility of actually releasing a “First Embrace” CD-Maxi single or a 12” vinyl which may hold some more remixes. Stay tuned for more info.

Honorable Mentions:

This entry is also one of my favorites. It just missed consideration for the top six finalists. We all really liked it too. I really liked the new melody. It just gives this mix a whole life. I think if we get that reverb/delay down on the vocals, we could release this track in the future.

Atom Zero
This entry also just missed the finalists. This is a dark electro remix. I loved its simplicity and driving bass. This also had some new percussive elements and some interesting vocal effects. This remix added some nice builds and instrumentation.

Heaven Bent
I don’t know how to classify this entry. But sometimes, that’s a good thing. This has good rhythm programming and some interesting samples in it. It’s dark and moody and well done.

Jamie Ballantyne (UK)

This entry is somewhat downtempo, somewhat ambient. Been listening to Aphex Twin? We were definitely awarding points on originality of the mixes. And this one is about as original as any that was submitted. This has some interesting vocal treatments and vocoder effects. I really liked it. This may still be released on vinyl. Check back.

There were plenty of other well-produced tracks not listed here. We truly appreicate all the effort of each musician/producer that contributed a remix. Keep up the great work!

Thanks again,
Pierre Norman