Album Title: Tristraum Presents The Fixx - An Electronic Tribute
Release Date:
September 2004

August 16, 2004
We have launched a dedicated website for this project. It already has nine of the cover songs up for your listening pleasure. Also, there's a BUY NOW link should you wish to pre-order this release NOW. Be first on the list to get yours. Check out the site! CLICK HERE!

July 15, 2004
Tracks are beginning to trickle-in. If you're a participating band, get your tracks in. The due date is July 31. Let me know if you are planning on shipping your track after that date. Thanks. The wesite for this release is almost completed. Look for more info soon.

June 19, 2004
The tribute is shaping-up nicely.Glow, Blue October, Fr/action, Kamido Tu, Synthetic FM, Mad Minute, Infinity Machine and Namnambulu are on board. The final track list will be available in late July. Also, we'll be creating an exclusive website for this release closer to the release date.

May 27, 2004
Here's the cover artwork (above). So far, confirmed bands are: Kiss The Star, MODyssey, Color Theory, The Dignity of Labor, Equatronic, David Vesel, Glow, Empire State Human & Internal Dialogue. More to be announced soon. Check back soon.

May 20, 2004
Tristraum is producing a tribute to the legendary 80's band The Fixx. This album will feature a wide collection of acts including synthpop, darkwave, futurepop, electro and ebm. Check back soon for line-up and track list.This page will also feature audio samples and ordering information as they become available.


If you're sending in a track for consideration, please adhere to the following guidelines from our Mastering Engineer/11th Records.

If you have access to an audio editor, such as Sound Forge, Cool Edit Pro, or WaveLab, please check each track to make sure that it never reaches 0 dB. If it does, your mixdown is clipped, which means it was mixed down at too high a volume. For hard disk recording systems such as Pro Tools, Cubase, or Digital Performer, simply lower the master fader and re-render (export).

Please render your files as 24-bit, even if you recorded at 16-bit. Mastering a 24-bit source yields a much better result than a 16-bit source possibly can. This cannot be overstated! If there is absolutely no way to provide me with 24-bit files, your 16-bit source needs to be properly dithered. If you need help, just let us know and our mastering engineer walk you through each step.

Do not EQ, compress, limit, dither, or normalize your mixes. Just to be clear, I'm only referring to the 2-track stereo mixdown. Feel free to EQ and compress individual tracks to taste, but once you mix those tracks together into a single stereo file, please don't touch it.


Don't use any samples from The Fixx or any other source that you don't have permission or purchased rights to. Thanks.



Randall Erkelens

Fixx Tribute
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