112 Entries were judged. Thank you
for all your hard work and great remixes.

Below is a list of winners! Winners will be placed on the MCD or Vinyl. Runner-ups may be included on future releases as bonus tracks or used on compilations, etc.


Romeo Amun

Saxxon Pike
Marc Lime & Glen Dale


André Lenich
Niklas Hedlund
JK // Crimia

Honorable Mention
Shane Terpening

Steffen Noreikaf
Conny Glitsch
Jerry Searfass
Christian Lowensprung
Karel / Therm

We'd first like to sincerely thank all the people who spent so much
time to create their versions of "Shiver." We were amazed by the
tremendous response.

When we decided to open "Shiver" to a Remix Contest, we hoped to
achieve two results. First, bring "Shiver" to additional audiences by
opening the track up for interpretation by some of the hottest djs
and recording artists in a multitude of genres thus providing djs
with additional versions. Secondly, we wanted to create an arena for
artists to create remixes to gain exposure and build this concept in
general. With some of the other remixers on this project, winners are
sure to gain exposure and street-cred.

Our criteria for selecting the finalists were simple. We wanted to
maintain the haunting nature of krystyna's performance and we wanted
the music to expand on our original idea and take it a step
Further-perhaps down another avenue. We also wanted the mixes to take
us on a journey. We wanted to end at a different place from where we
began. We were hoping to receive one or two mixes to achieve this.
Much to our surprise, we had ten times our expectations!
We had numerous entries we would call experimental, minimal dub or
"Glitch." We had several remixes we would call "epic," nearing 15 minutes! We tossed about the idea of a double cd release.
In then end we decided to pick the strongest entries and keep the
release to a single cd. Trying to choose the finalists was difficult
indeed. Many of the decisions were hotly contested.

The winners and why.

2 faces Remix

This is entry was by far the best produced vocal trance version of
"Shiver." These guys said they don't typically enter remix contests
but they really liked the track. I'd really like to hear some of
their other work! I've already played this track out between
Oakenfold and Ian Van Dahl and it packed the floor even more! We had
toyed with the idea of a making shiver more "trancy" to begin
with-like Airspace's remix of "Silence," but after hearing this mix,
all work halted. Vocal trance doesn't get any better than this!
This mix has depth, many layers and keeps surprising me every time we
hear it. We really enjoy how the energy builds and transforms the
track. We’re very impressed.

Amun-ra Remix

This track is richly layered and has excellent production quality. It
reminds me of front 242 or maybe old ministry. I've played this track
on my industrial night between Bigod 20 and VNV Nation. Make sure
you're wearing black! Again Amun-Ra used new chord progressions and
melodies to pull this off. Very inventive. There was some infighting
regarding the contrapuntal vocal placement... but we got over it.

Therm Remix

I think it's ironic that we like this mix so much considering most of Krystyna's vocals are backwards!. Kudos! Several local djs are waiting for this release. This mix was about the third longest remix entry, weighing in at a cool 12 minutes! Which incidentally, almost killed it. This version will be released on
vinyl as well for all us cool djs.

Saxxon Remix

This song has so much energy it hurts! It makes Krystyna's vocals
even more foreboding and just makes this mix really creepy. We hear an
homage to the movie "Halloween" in there somewhere. These
guys must do movie music. We can just imagine running in dark forest
with Michael Myers close behind. We really enjoy the original melody.
That’s a big bonus.

Niklas Remix

What do you get when you mix Chemical Brothers, Prodigy and Tristraum?
You get this great grinding version of "Shiver." This version takes
this track to new areas. With a really crunchy 303 lead and organic
rhythms, we found it hard to pass up. We did argue a bit about whether
this was a loop-based entry (not that there's anything wrong with
that). Even if it is, it's a great remix.

Crimia Remix

Crimia added a new bassline, new chord progression and quoted our arpeggio. We liked the vocal treatments and thought this was one of the more versatile submissions. Again we argued about the bass sounding too thin in spots, but in the end, this song "just goes."

Again, thanks for all your hard work! We are waiting on two mixes,
one hi-nrg and one breakbeat. Look for the MCD of "Shiver" to be
released soon! We are already working on our next track and expect a
new remix contest to be announced in December or January!